Being in good shape before surgery

I was just thinking this morning if I would have recovered as quickly as I did if I was not in good shape when I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.

I lost about 25 pounds from July 2007-October 2007, and I was diagnosed with cancer on December. Two and half years ago I decided to have a home-business and decided to take the products. I took vitamins since then and ate healthier. I had 2 biopsies, a lumpectomy, bilateral mastectomy with an ongoing reconstruction and an oophorectomy in less than 5 months ( and the last one pending in about 2 months).

My parents came to help me for a while, thinking that I would be so weak. They were so surprised that I could move my arms and had energy. I left the hospital with only Tylenol because the other medicines were too hard on my stomach and made me sleepy all the time. And to my surprise, it was good enough. I had soup when I got back home and felt better. The most uncomfortable part of this surgery was the drainages. It was difficult to sleep, since I couldn’t sleep on my stomach and barely leaning on my side.

I do believe that my speedy recovery was due to my fitness before the surgery. So staying in shape and eating healthy helps, it is not vanity!!

Take your vitamins, it doesn’t hurt.

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